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Kellyville Women's Health Physio 

Rouse Hill Women's Health Physio, located in Rouse Hill Women's Health Clinic supports women's health needs, in particular during pregnancy through from pre natal to post partum. If you are looking for a women's health Physio in the Kellyville, you have come to the right place. 

Women’s health physiotherapy is for all the women in our lives, the mums, soon to be mums, sisters, aunties, nanna’s, daughters. It is for each and everyone of us.


The difference between other Physiotherapists is that a Women’s Health Physiotherapist has undergone extra training in addition to their university degree allowing them to treat conditions specifically related to women throughout different stages of their lives.

The role of a women's health Physiotherapist is often misunderstood or our clients are unaware that we are able to treat/help in that area. If you are looking for a Women's Health Physio Kellyville, or close to the Hills District, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the areas a Kellyville Women's Health Physio can support you in. 

  • Pregnancy-related musculoskeletal conditions you may experience before, during, and following pregnancy

  • Abdominal Separation you may experience during or following pregnancy

  • Incontinence and Prolapse

  • Bowel or bladder urgency and frequency

  • Bowel related conditions including constipation

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Sexual pain (sexual dyspareunia) including sensations of burning, stinging, friction, dryness, irritation, tightness or inability to have penetrative intercourse

  • Exercise during and following pregnancy


Assessment will include an in-depth discussion regarding your health, current and previous symptoms, and goals/expectations. Further we may be required to do an external musculoskeletal assessment and/or internal assessment to examine the muscles and tissues inside your pelvis. The assessment allows us to accurately diagnose and treat. 

Our Womens Health Physio clients are from the Hills District and Hawkesbury suburbs of Agnes Banks, Berambing, Bilpin, Blaxlands Ridge, Bligh Park, Bowen Mountain, Bucketty, Cattai, Central Colo, Central Maxdonal, Claredon, Colo, Colo Heights, Conwallis, Cumberland Reach, East Kurranjong, Kurrajong Hills, Leets Vale, Lower Macdonald, Lower Portland, Marayla, McGraths Hill, Mellong, Mogo Creek, Mountain Lagoon, Mulgrave, North Richmond, Oakville, Perrys Crossing, Pitt Town, Pitt Town Bottoms, Putty, Richmond, Richmond Lowlands, Riverstone, Sackville, Scheyville, South Windsor, St Albans, Ten Mile Hollow, Tennyson, The Devils Wilderness, The Slopes, Upper Colo, Upper Macdonald, Vineyard, Webbs Creek, Wheeny Creek, Wilberforce, Windsor, Windsor Downs, Wisemans Ferry, Womerah, Wrights Creek and Yarramundi.

Not sure about what is best for your body?


Contact us and let us help guide you on what your body needs.


General guidelines:

  1. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain, we suggest Physio session.

  2. Experiencing stiffness or tightness we suggest either Physio or Pilates rehab/studio session.

  3. You have no injuries or health concerns and are active we suggest Pilates rehab/studio or mat sessions.

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