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Transitioning to parenthood

Rouse Hill Women's Health provides the local Hills & Hawkesbury women education courses to empower and support them through all stages of their life. 

We understand that this transition can feel like a slip and slide with many ups and downs and a huge hike up the stairs back to the top to do it all over again. That is why we created a course to assist you navigate these bends, put strategies in place to reach the top and support you through the transition.

This course is created and presented by Dr Nicole Leotta , Women's Health specialist and Doctor Catherine McKelvey - Hills and Hawkesbury Women's Health Physiotherapist . Both ladies specialise in women's health and have assisted hundreds of ladies prepare their body and minds for birth and post partum recovery. Ultimately, we assist women in the transition to motherhood. 

Keryn Thompson from Itty Bitty Bub is a midwife and lactation consultant and is joinin23rd September to help provide advice and practical tips for feeding bub, as well as complications that may arise and how to address them.

Our current courses assist Hills and Hawkesbury women and their support person to be educated and empowered to make informed decisions about their birth. Birthing & caring for their baby fearlessly, safely, and confidently. 

We have three courses running on Sunday 23rd September. 

Labour & Birth - Dr Nicole Leotta and Catherine McKelvey

Lactation & Breast Concerns - Dr Nicole Leotta and Keryn Thompson

Post Partum Mum & Bub - Dr Nicole Leotta and Catherine McKelvey

For more information on our courses follow the link.

Other areas Rouse Hill Women's Health Physio treat includes:

  • Ante-natal Physiotherapy:

    • Pelvic girdle pain (SIJ dysfunction, Pubic Symphysis Pain,  low back pain & hip pain)​

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome

    • DeQuervains Tenosynovitis

    • Birth preparation: Perineal massage, birthing positions, pelvic floor exercises, activity & lifestyle modifications

  • Post Partum / Post Natal Physiotherapy

    • Abdominal separation including, live ultrasound​

    • Pelvic floor 

    • Return to sex

    • Return to exercise & sport

    • Incontinence

  • Dyspareunia (Painful Intercourse)

    • Burning sensations, stinging, friction, dryness, tightness, inability to have penetrative intercourse​

  • Bowel conditions, such as constipation & incontinence 

  • Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual cycle concerns) 

    • Pain, Endometriosis, PCOS, PCO

  • Incontinence (Urge, Stress & Over-activity)

  • Prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, uterine & vault prolapse) and pessary (fitting & management)

  • Post Surgical Intervention

    • Caesarean​

    • Hysterectomy

    • Tummy tuck

If you have any questions, email:

Agnes Banks, Berambing, Bilpin, Blaxlands Ridge, Bligh Park, Bowen Mountain, Bucketty, Cattai, Central Colo, Central Maxdonal, Claredon, Colo, Colo Heights, Conwallis, Cumberland Reach, East Kurranjong, Kurrajong Hills, Leets Vale, Lower Macdonald, Lower Portland, Marayla, McGraths Hill, Mellong, Mogo Creek, Mountain Lagoon, Mulgrave, North Richmond, Oakville, Perrys Crossing, Pitt Town, Pitt Town Bottoms, Putty, Richmond, Richmond Lowlands, Riverstone, Sackville, Scheyville, South Windsor, St Albans, Ten Mile Hollow, Tennyson, The Devils Wilderness, The Slopes, Upper Colo, Upper Macdonald, Vineyard, Webbs Creek, Wheeny Creek, Wilberforce, Windsor, Windsor Downs, Wisemans Ferry, Womerah, Wrights Creek and Yarramundi.

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Post Partum Education

Expecting Couple

Post Partum

A positive birth is just the beginning, we assist you transitioning into parenthood.

When we are pregnant our focus is on preparing for the baby and focusing on birth. Rouse Hill Women's Health Physio & Clinic acknowledge that while this is important it is only the beginning. 

The transition into parenthood over the first few weeks is often difficult, stressful and a huge learning curve. 

Sometimes it is the smallest little insights into this period that gives new parents the confidence and courage to know that they are doing everything they can and that they can get through it. 

This course gives you the knowledge to transition from your current relationship into parents. You enter the hospital as two and leave as a family. 

A step above the rest. 

Not only do we provide new mums with information to assist in the recovery of their body but what to expect of a new born. This way at 1am when your baby is screaming and there is a rash on their belly, you have some deeper understanding of whether you need to be concerned. 

Let us assist you to:

Feel confident

Trust yourself and your decisions

Navigate the first 6weeks

Feel connected

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