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Pregnancy Education Courses

Women's Health Education Courses designed by leading Women's Health GP's and Physiotherapist's to prepare your mind & body for pregnancy, birth and the post partum period. 

Our courses are evidence-based and will equip you with all the tools necessary to empower you to make informed choices about your birth. Courses are delivered in our Rouse Hill Women's Health Clinic (inside Rouse Hill Medical Centre). 

Presented by:

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Doctor Catherine McKelvey
of Physiotherapy

Catherine is our local Women's Health Physiotherapist to the Hills & Hawkesbury and brings wealth of knowledge and experience assisting women prepare their body for the changes that occur during pregnancy, preparing their body to birth and assisting them in their post-partum recovery.

Doctor Nicole Leotta

Dr Nicole Leotta is our local Women's Health General Practitioner who has assisted many women to prepare for pregnancy, birth, and through their recovery. Doctor Nicole not only specialises in Women's Health but in paediatrics.


Guest Presenter

Keryn Thompson 
Register Midwife and Internationally-Certified Lactation Consultant

Based in Sydney’s Hills District but able to provide remote lactation consults Australia wide.

passionate about providing a caring, modern and holistic approach to supporting your breastfeeding experience from Antenatal consultation through your delivery and up to 12 months of age.

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In this course you will cover: Labour & Birth

Pregnant belly

Labour & Birth

Educated & Empowered 


Pregnant Woman in Nature

Semi-Private 2hr courses. Enquire to book your spot

Pink Flower

Women's Health Education Courses 

If you have any difficulties booking please email, with your full name and phone number. 

Nursing Newborn

Lactation & Breast Concerns

Understanding & Flexible


Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Mum & Bub

Prepared & Powerful


If you have any difficulties booking please email, with your full name and phone number. 


What this course covers

Expecting Couple

Post Partum Care

A positive birth is just the beginning, we assist you transitioning into parenthood.

When we are pregnant our focus is on preparing for the baby and focusing on birth. Rouse Hill Women's Health Physio & Clinic acknowledge that while this is important it is only the beginning. 

The transition into parenthood over the first few weeks is often difficult, stressful and a huge learning curve. 

Sometimes it is the smallest little insights into this period that gives new parents the confidence and courage to know that they are doing everything they can and that they can get through it. 

This course gives you the knowledge to transition from your current relationship into parents. You enter the hospital as two and leave as a family. 

A step above the rest. 

Not only do we provide new mums with information to assist in the recovery of their body but what to expect of a new born. This way at 1am when your baby is screaming and there is a rash on their belly, you have some deeper understanding of whether you need to be concerned. 

Let us assist you to:

Feel confident

Trust yourself and your decisions

Navigate the first 6weeks

Feel connected

Sleeping Baby
Newborn Baby with Mom

Not currently available. 

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Upcoming Course Dates:
Enquire to book your semi-private birth course.

If you have any difficulties booking please email, with your full name and phone number. 

Newborn Baby with Mom

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