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What can I use NeuroTrac® Continence for?

Women can use Continence with vaginal, anal or external electrodes (to be purchased separately)
Men can use electrical stimulation with either anal or external electrodes (to be purchased separately)
Please note the unit is not supplied with an electrode  in order to allow you to choose the most suitable one from our electrode range 

It can be used for a range of pelvic health conditions:

  • To strengthen pelvic floor muscles - use the  'stress' programs : PO3, PO4, or 'building up endurance' PO9
  • For bladder or bowel urgency - use the  'urge' or 'frequency/freq'  programs : PO2, PO5, or PO6
  • For pelvic pain - use the 'pelvic floor pain' program : PO1

Not everyone will respond to the pre-set programs, often setting an individualised custom program will give better results. See a pelvic floor physiotherapist for advice. These can be set in PC1, 2, 3 or 4. 
PC4 allows you to set continuous parameters which means you can use it as a TENS machine



  • 9 built in programmes 
  • 3 customisable, work/rest  programmes which are simple to set up
  • Records the average current used plus the time in use along with the ability to lock the unit.
  • Widely used by physiotherapists in their practices and you can now bring the same technology to the privacy of your own home, in a simple, user-friendly  compact and reliable stimulation device. It is the best value of our home electrical stimulation units for the pelvic floor .

Neurotrac Continence HIRE

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